Saturday, April 16, 2016

FAQs on Mar Roxas

Everything you've always wanted to ask Mar Roxas because these questions-begging-for-answers are what have been keeping you from go all out for Mar Roxas. 

Finally, in one place, here is where you can find the answers. 

Kababayan, I invite you to be better informed. 
Kaibigan, I invite you to consider Mar Roxas as your President for 2016. (with Leni Robredo as VP, of course!)

Yolanda Issues:

1. Saan napunta ang mga dinonate para sa Yolanda?
Government Data on Yolanda Projects >
This is Where the Yolanda Cash Donations Went >
Faith (Government Donations Transparency Page) >

2. Nasaan si Mar nung kasagsagan ng bagyo?
Nov. 8, 2013 - Sec. Mar organized the clearing of facilities, roads, airports and met with contractors with heavy equipment >
In the Eye of the Storm: A First Person Account by Jonathan Ronquillo As Told By Rolly Eclevia >
Oxfam Commends Government Efforts > 

3. Aquino versus Romualdez
Long Version of Sec Roxas and Mayor Romualdez' Conversation >
Romualdez Conciliatory; Thanks Aquino for Aid >
Roxas Vindicated by Romualdez >

4. Sa Gitna ng Unos Komiks
Komiks Sets Record Straight >
Illustrator of Mar Komiks Defends Work >
Mar Says That Komiks Are A Good Campaign Tool >
Video That Shows Veracity of Komiks >

MRT Issues:

1. Kasama ba talaga si Mar sa mga MRT issue?
Timeline of the MRT and Mar's Involvement >
An Explainer on the Whole MRT Issue >
Rebuttal on Sobrepenas Accusations >

2. Ano na ang magawa ng gobyerno para masolusyunan ito?
New Trains Have Arrived >
Parating Na Ang Mga Bagong Bagon >

Mamasapano Issues:

Mamasapano Probe is Political in Nature >
Mar Will Pursue Justice for Mamasapano Victims >
Mar Assures SAF 44 Widows of Benefits >
Mar is for Transparancy >

Corruption Allegations:

Explainer on DILG Unliquidated Expenses >

Wharton Issue:

Wharton Confirms that Roxas is their Graduate >
Mar and Wharton >
Mar Roxas Affirms He is a Wharton Graduate >

Overpriced Jeepneys:

Fact Check on Over Priced Jeeps >


Meme Fact Check >
In Defense of Mar >
Building Back Better: Two Years After Yolanda >

(Thanks to the awesome people at #TheSilentMajority for putting this together!)

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