Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Did she or didn't see? Sen. Miriam practically endorses Mar Roxas

I think I know what you did there, Sen. Miriam.

Short of endorsing Mar Roxas for President, you set this question up knowing full well that Mar Roxas would measure up to the 3-way test that you have just laid out on the presidency. Was that glint of a smile there a sign of satisfaction?

We see that you are sick, we wish you were better, we pray the country could have you for much longer. But why does it feel like your last hurrah and you are just wanting to do right by the country?

In this moment I caught a glimpse of your heyday, the peak of your brilliance and integrity and courage, that time when you were deemed worthy of a Magsaysay award - before the compromises in the Erap and GMA admins broke you. Or this tiny little recent one, when you ran with the dictator's son.

But nevermind. You have tried harder than most of us would. You have given more than most of us could.

May God bring you back to full health.

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